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The Center is available for research by appointment only. To schedule an appointment contact the Center by phone.

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The Center for the Study of the Korean War is dedicated to preserving the documented legacy of Korean War Veterans


The Korean War

The Korean War has never ended and is a factor in contemporary American policy. It forever changed the way Americans perceive and participate in war. The Center for the Study of the Korean War, founded in 1989, is committed to preserving the memories and documents of those who served in this confiict, and to educating the public with an understanding of the causes and costs of this war.

Too Costly To Forget

Too Costly to Forget The Korean War was too significant to neglect, to momentous to ignore, too pivotal to be disregarded, and far too costly to be forgotten. Few people realize the war's significance of the Korean War in American and World history. There are many lessons to be drawn from this momentous event and from the lives of those who participated in it. The record of the war is being saved by this collection of primary source documents, photographs, manuscripts and artifacts. These materials are preserved, cataloged and made available at the Center for the Study of the Korean War for veterans, researchers, the media, authors and students of all ages

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